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Decluttering Party SOS


Grab a group of friends and get help with your decluttering issues.  Parties run for 3 hours. 

You  get to choose an area of your home giving you problems and  an  organiser will walk you and your girlfriends through the way to solve  the problem including giving you hands-on organiser help. You will also  get expert tips and advice during the session that you can utilize in getting your whole life organised.      

Email SOS

After an initial email assessment, you will receive an email with expert tips and advice on how to solve two of your organising problems.

Phone SOS

You will receive a 1 hour phone consultation, where you can  discuss a particular organising problem you are having. Your Organiser  will offer expert tips and advice on how to solve your dilemma. A  follow-up call is provided to check on your progress and offer support  and encouragement if needed. A written report can be compiled for an  extra cost.         

Organiser SOS

After an initial phone assessment, have an Organiser come  in and start you on your way to an organized life. Your Organiser will  work with you to sort and organise a room. Throughout the consultation,  you will be given helpful tips and advice which you can use in other  areas of your home.

Organiser Inhouse™ SOS

Have an Organiser come to your home regularly and work through the process of getting your home organised and then keeping it  organised. Options include weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits. Note:  Getting disorganised doesn't happen overnight so turning things around  will take time.         

Organiser At Home™ Party SOS

 Be  part of a fun new concept. Invite a group of girlfriends round for a  fun, enjoyable and informative evening.  You and your girlfriends can  buy a variety of organising  products that will make your life easier  and less cluttered. You will  get tips and advice on how to use the  products including different  solutions for the same product as well as  other useful organising advice  to utilise in your home.  Parties run  for 3 hours. 

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